Flyover Whiskey

Grown by Farmers, Enjoyed by All

Turning Local Farmers' Corn Into Custom Whiskey Products

What We Do

Flyover Whiskey provides customized distillation and bottling for corn producers and their communities across the state of Nebraska. Every batch of Flyover Whiskey is crafted using corn planted and harvested by a specific farmer here in Nebraska. Each bottle is custom labeled with the operation's information and harvest details provided by the farmer.

Our custom corn whiskey is not only a great way for farmers to enjoy the crop they work to produce, but also gives those not on a farm a way to connect with specific producers across the state of Nebraska.

How It Works

For Farmers:

  1. Place an order to hold your spot on our order list.
  2. Once we are ready to process your order we will contact you for payment and collect your operation's information for the custom label.
  3. We mail you a pre-paid package for corn.
  4. Fill the package with yellow dent field corn (approx 15-20 lbs.) and place back in the mail.
  5. Flyover Whiskey will transform your corn into whiskey, bottle your whiskey with custom labels, and ship directly to your door.
  6. Enjoy.

Not a Farmer?
Submit an order and we can help pair you with the farmer of your choice or one of our farm partners to source the grain for your order.

Information on Batch Sizes
The smallest batch size we can do is six, 750 ML bottles. Customers are welcome to do multiple batches in bottle increments of six (i.e. 12 or 18 bottles) - just submit one order and let us know you want multiple via email.

We occasionally blend whiskey from various Nebraska farmers to create a generic whiskey blend using corn from either the 402 or 308 area codes. If you would be interested in making a single-bottle purchase, just send us an email and we will keep you updated when available.

Get Started

To get started, fill out an order form with some initial information. We will reach out when we are ready to process your order to walk you through the process and collect information for your custom whiskey label.

Have questions or want to learn more? Send an email to and we can answer any questions or special requests you may have.


For Corn Farmers: $350/order
If you are providing corn from your farming operation, we charge $350 per order. You will receive six 750 ML bottles of Flyover Whiskey in custom labeled bottles (all required processing and shipping included).

Non-Farming Customers: $375/order
For all other customers, we charge $375 per order. We will work with a producer of your choice or pair you with one of our partner producers to source the corn for the whiskey. A portion of your payment will go directly to the farmer to cover grain and processing expenses. You will receive six 750 ML bottles of Flyover Whiskey in custom labeled bottles (all required processing and shipping included).


My life has revolved around farming for as long as I can remember. I've learned raising good crops, good calves, and good kids takes hard work both in the easy and difficult years. Nature's tough challenges have grown a resilient group of farm communities proud of the trials they have overcome. The producers in these 'flyover states' have a type of grit you don't see many other places, and they know how to celebrate their hard work the right way - with cold drinks and good friends.

Flyover Whiskey was started so that Midwest farmers can enjoy the fruits of their labor in a more tangible way. Each bottle of Flyover Whiskey showcases the farmers and their families that make the Heartland such an amazing place to live, and I hope our whiskey helps celebrate all those that do their part to feed the world.

- Joe Knobbe, Farmer and Master Distiller

Frequently Asked Questions

Once we get to your order, it takes about 6-8 weeks to get your whiskey to you. If you have a specific deadline you need the whiskey by, please let us know and we can work to meet that deadline.

Unfortunately, given current demand, batch #'s above 550 should not expect to be done in time for Christmas.

If this timeframe changes we will keep you updated.

We do have gift certificates available if you would like to let someone know you have made an order for them. Just place an order and respond to the confirmation email to let us know and we will mail the order certificate to you.

While we can use corn from anywhere in the U.S., the Nebraska Liquor Commission requires we only ship within state lines. We hope to expand to other states soon!

Our custom process can initially only produce batch sizes in increments of 6 bottles.

No. Moisture content does not impact our process.